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Starting TONIGHT!!! [02 Jun 2006|04:41pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

From the website:

" Welcome to the 20th anniversary of the Texas Scottish Festival & Highland Games. The number one Scottish Festival in America for musical entertainment invites you to again attend our event, June 2-3-4th. The skirl of the Pipes, the cheers of encouragement for the Athletic events, and the swirling of the Highland Dancers reminds all Scots of our rich and glorious heritage. We gladly share this heritage with our friends, guests and visitors.

I know you will enjoy the return of Brian McNeill, Alex Beaton, Alasdair Fraser, Ed Miller, John Taylor and our featured musical group, Enter the Haggis as well as all the other great Scottish entertainers including the return of Brother. Our festival is for all people and any heritage who wish to enjoy this wonderful weekend, be they Scots, Americans, Texans, or any nationality. Explore this website to familiarize yourself with some of our events, competitions, & activities. We'll see you soon.

Ray McDonald"

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Celtic Heritage Festival Benefit Party! [25 Sep 2005|11:55am]

September, 25th, 2005

4:00 pm -8:00 pm
Jack London's Old San Francisco Saloon
1217 Oakland Blvd.
Fort Worth, Texas 76103-1125
Yahoo Maps

Doors open at 3:00 pm, tentative schedule is:

* 4:00 pm McTeggart Irish Dancers
* 5:00 pm Threadneedle Street
* 6:00 pm Behan
* 7:00 pm Beyond the Pale**

Admission at the door: $5.00 Donation (Children 12 & under free)

Join us for Fun, Music & Camaraderie!
Sign up for your favorite Volunteer Position!
Raffle tickets sold - Great Prizes! Food & Drink available.
Please come out and renew old friendships and make new ones!

**It may be that Beyond The Pale cannot make it due to weather and traffic problems.
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Looking for some good music tonight? [24 Jul 2005|11:53am]

July 24th, 2005
4pm to 8pm
The Tipperary Inn, Dallas
The Irish Rogues
Michael Harrison
Seamus Stout

Linkage here.
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Texas Scottish Festival & Highland Games! [03 Jun 2005|10:24am]

Tonight, Tomorrow, and Sunday!

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from an email sent by the Brother mailing list. [03 May 2005|10:26pm]

[ mood | excited ]

'When is BROTHER coming back to Arlington?" you've asked.
The answer is: This June.

BROTHER brings their charismatic and energetic live performance,
a fusion of bagpipes, didgeridoos and tribal percussion,
to the

Texas Scottish Festival
June 4th & 5th
Arlington, Texas

Hamish, Angus and Dalbo look forward to seeing you there.


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Celtic Heritage Festival Benefit [09 Apr 2005|11:43am]

Sunday April 10th, 2005 starting at 4:00 pm at
Jack London's Old San Francisco Saloon
1217 Oakland Blvd
Fort Worth, TX

Performances by: Sallie Huffman, Free Whiski, and Spriggan.


Admission: $5 Donation (Children 12 & under free)
Join us for Fun, Music, & Camaraderie
Sign Up for your favorite Volunteer Position
Raffle Prizes, Food & Drink Available

Some performer links:

Free Whiski:


Polka Set - Clandestine - The Ale Is Dear</span>
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Celtic Heritage Festival Benefit Coming Soon! [01 Apr 2005|11:30pm]

[ mood | Festive! ]

Pencil this in on your calendars:

Sunday April 10th, 2005 starting at 4:00 pm at Jack London's Old San Francisco Saloon

Jack London&apos;s Old San Francisco Saloon 1217 Oakland Blvd 817-451-9228

Admission: $5 Donation (Children 12 & under free)
Join us for Fun, Music, & Camaraderie
Sign Up for your favorite Volunteer Position
Raffle Prizes, Food & Drink Available

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Free Benefit Show THIS FRIDAY!!! [09 Dec 2004|12:10pm]

Hey there...

Just wanted to send out a quick reminder about our show tomorrow night (Friday, 12/10/04). It's going to be a benefit show for Rock'n'Roll Camp For Girls, a great program in Portland that encourages young girls to start rock bands and gives them the tools to do so. In such a male-dominated industry, it's refreshing to see something like that. This is part of their nationwide fund raiser, 50 Shows in 50 States. There will be benefit shows going on all around the country at the same time, and all of the money will go straight to the RNRCFG programs. The Dallas show is FREE, with a portion of the bar sales going straight to the camp. If you're super sweet, you'll bring a few bucks for the tip jar we'll have set out for the camp. You want to be super sweet, don't you? Here are the details:


WHO: Sara Radle & Her Band, The Sutcliffes
WHERE: The Barley House
WHEN: Friday, December 10th

For more info about the camp, you can visit the RNRCFG website.

See ya' then!

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MATT SHARP AT THE BARLEY HOUSE TONIGHT!!!!... and it's FREE!!! [28 Oct 2004|04:16pm]

Matt Sharp (of Weezer, The Rentals)
Goldenboy (from Los Angeles)
@The Barley House

The Sara Radle Quartet will be opening the show at 9:45pm.

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Jeez Louise Records Label Showcase at New Music Festival!!! [01 Oct 2004|12:41pm]

Tonight @ The Liquid Lounge (2800 Main Street in Deep Ellum):

10:00 - 10:30 Constance
10:45 - 11:15 The Happy Bullets
11:30 - 12:00 The Tah Dahs
12:15 - 12:45 Sara Radle & Her Band
1:00 - 1:30 Budapest One

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Big Show This Friday!!! [27 Sep 2004|12:41pm]

Hey there...

Sara Radle & Her Band will be playing at The Liquid Lounge this
Friday, October 1st. You really won't want to miss this one, kiddos! Why? Well, here are three reasons:

~ This will be the first show the full band has played since returning
from their West Coast tour in June! If you haven't already, come out
and welcome new keyboardist Chad Stockslager to the group.

~ This will be drummer Rob Schumacher's LAST SHOW with the band.
(Insert sobbing noises here.) After playing with Sara for about 6
years (in this project and previously in Lucy Loves Schroeder), Rob
has decided to join Slick 57 full time. We wish him the best of luck.
He's a great drummer and a super-duper guy. He will be missed. Come
out and wish him well on his journey of rock.

~ This will be a Jeez Louise Records label showcase at the 2004 North
Texas New Music Festival. You know what that means? It means all of
the bands in the showcase are awesome! Check out this line-up...

10:00 - 10:30 Constance
10:45 - 11:15 The Happy Bullets
11:30 - 12:00 The Tah Dahs
12:15 - 12:45 Sara Radle & Her Band
1:00 - 1:30 Budapest One

The Liquid Lounge is located at 2800 Main Street in Deep Ellum.

Visit www.newmusicfestival.com or www.jeezlouise.com for more
information, and be prepared for us to send you an annoying reminder
about this big show later this week. Thanks for your support!


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machine drum plays denton friday night - cross post [30 Jun 2004|06:19pm]

so my best friend andrew has booked machine drum to play denton friday night. the show is only $5 at the brickhaus cafe* in denton. it's from 9pmish and will be done for sure for sure by midnight since the brickhaus closes then. sound sample is available here. i am going to be there - support your friends, y'know?

it's only $5 to you & me, but andrew is so devoted to this band and bringing them to denton (and then austin on saturday), he's put up his own $200 to pay their guarantee. so, yeah, spend a few bucks and a little time before you head off to do whatever it is you really plan to do friday night. have some dinner & coffee, listen to some surprisingly good IDM, and support the supporters.

(apparently, everytime i hear them, i ask who they are, surprised that i like it.) so, yeah, good times

pretty picture!Collapse )

*brickhaus cafe - 219 w oak st, denton, tx. 940.566.6690. tasty food and beverages.
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DFW Distro [30 Jun 2004|03:37pm]

My distro has Ghoultown Merch available. CD's $10 and shirts $15. Merch from alot of punk bands too, plus a huge assortment of stainless steel body jewelry at great prices.


You can order through paypal on the site, or email me directly to work outside of paypal.
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Scottish Festival [05 Jun 2004|03:16am]

[ mood | excited ]

This weekend!

The Texas Scottish Festival

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Béla Fleck & the Flecktones and Eric Johnson [19 May 2004|11:25pm]

Béla Fleck & the Flecktones AND Eric Johnson at the Bass Hall in Fort Worth!

Dates / Times:
Tuesday, 10/26/2004 8:00 PM On Sale 07/17/2004

Tell me more!

Xposted to dfw_music_chat and dallas_musicand dfwtx and 0ccam.

The Fly - U2 - Achtung Baby</span>
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** Wednesday, May 12th @ Hailey's (Denton)
The Happy Bullets
w/ Of Montreal

** Thursday, May 13th @ The Cavern (Dallas)
The Happy Bullets
w/ The Tah-Dahs

** Friday, May 14th @ Good Records (Dallas)
The Wurlitzer Prize
In-store, all-ages, FREE!!!

** Friday, May 14th @ Bar of Soap (Dallas)
The Wurlitzer Prize

** Saturday, May 15th @ The Liquid Lounge (Dallas)
Sara Radle & Her Band
w/ The Shining Time (CD release), John LaMonica (of My Spacecoaster)

Also, check out the review of the new Wurlitzer Prize EP in this week's Dallas Observer.

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[07 May 2004|06:49am]

[ mood | cranky ]

heelo there..i am Andrea (Ondrayuh) Damian and I am currently living in Lewisville, Texas. I love MOST of the bands that are mentioned in the comm. info and I've seen a few. I plan to go to Yuppiefest and Ampifest as well.

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[22 Apr 2004|02:37pm]


Budapest One and The Sara Radle Trio are also playing at The Barley House on Friday, April 23rd!!!
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[25 Mar 2004|10:55am]

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[02 Mar 2004|03:53am]

[ mood | excited ]

Ridglea MetalFest
April 10, 2004

Tickets on sale NOW $15 through Front Gate Tickets


Main Stage
(in theory) - 11:00pm
Stillborn Nursery - 10:00pm
Somsara - 9:00pm
The Destro - 8:00pm
Deviant - 7:00pm
Losa - 6:00pm
Low Gear - 5:00pm
Grain - 4:00pm
Shadowed Beneath - 3:00pm
Proven Ground - 2:00pm

2nd Main Stage
Jacknife - 11:30pm
Dryline - 10:30pm
Dedlock - 9:30pm
Farewell to Shadowlands -8:30pm
D'Sivy - 7:30pm
Vile Industry - 6:30pm
Kwik Buddha - 5:30pm
Skard Soul - 4:30pm
Dying Of The Light - 3:30pm
Eyes Like Stars - 2:30pm

3rd Stage
Never Dead - 10:20pm
Mad Castle - 9:30pm
Lord Slugg - 8:40pm
When Life Has Ceased - 7:00pm
Daimonion - 6:10pm
Macella - 5:20pm
Demure - 4:30pm
Lame - 3:40pm
Azarea - 2:50pm

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